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Homework and Notebook
Due on Tuesday of Each Week!
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Physical Education Homework
HW, Worksheets, Notebook and Extra Credit

Your regular Physical Education homework is due on Tuesday of each week.
These regular assignments include the Physical Fitness Worksheets and Newsletter Homework which alternate weeks.
Additional assignments like Sport HW, Terminology Tests & Fitness Trackers will be collected periodically.


NOTE:  All written assignments must include a proper heading in the upper right corner of the paper. The heading includes the following in this order;                  
                                                                                 Name - First & Last
                                                                Period, Roll Call Number

**If the heading is already labeled, all information must be completed.**

Homework is to be done neatly in Pencil or Blue or Black ink
If I cannot read it, I cannot grade it!


Fitness worksheets are designed to improve your knowledge of fitness concepts and give information regarding safety, training and health. 1). Print the worksheet, 2). Complete the heading, 3). Read the text and 4). Answer the questions or you may complete the assignment on notebook paper. Essay questions MUST be explained in complete sentences. This information will be discussed in class. Each assignment is worth 20 points.

        Fit Intro A  Fit Intro A Well-being Scale St.pdf

        Fit Intro B  Fit Intro B Fitness Feelings.pdf

        Fit 1     Fit 1 Look Good, Feel Good & Get Active.pdf

        Fit 2     Fit 2 Safety Guidelines for Exercise.doc

        Fit 3    Fit 3 Preventing & Managing Injuries.pdf

        Fit 5     Fit 5 Skill Related Components of Fitness.pdf

        Fit 6     Fit 6 Principles of Training.pdf
        Fit 7     Fit 7 Training Guidelines.pdf

        Fit 8    Fit 8 Cardiorespiratory Fitness.pdf

        Fit 9     Fit 9 Muscular Fitness.pdf

        Fit 10   Fit10 Flexibility.pdf
Physical Fitness Worksheets
Terminology Tests and Practice


If you wish to study the terms used in the Physical Fitness Worksheets please click the following links:

Fit 1 - 4 Terminology - Fit 1 - 4 Terms

Fit 5 - 7 Terminology - Fit 5 - 7 Terms

Fit 8 - 10 Terminology - Fit 8 - 10 Terms


To take the tests for the Physical Fitness Worksheets please click the following links:
Make sure the "Question Type" is Multiple Choice
Take the Test
Click "Check Answers"
Print the 1st page with the grade, include Name, Per & Roll #

Terminology Pre-Test - Terminology Pre-Test

Fit 1 - 4 Test - Fit 1 - 4 Test

Fit 5 - 7 Test - Fit 5 - 7 Test

Fit 8 - 10 Test - Fit 8 - 10 Test


        Teen Food & Fitness articles from my website MUST be used. You may select any of the newsletters listed on the "Food, Fitness & Facts" page. Print the "Teen Newsletter Worksheet" or copy it onto your own notebook paper and follow the directions. Again, newsletters are found on the "Food, Fitness & Facts" page. You do not need to print the article. The assignment is worth 10 points.

Click the link for a copy of the Worksheet "Teen Newsletter Worksheet "
  Teen Newsletter Worksheet.pdf    See me if you have a printing problem!



For a Printable copy click here               P. E. Homework.pdf

                The sport assignment is to watch a  sporting event of your choice, either on T.V. or live (you may be participating in the activity, in class games are okay too).It must be a current (within about a month) scheduled competition (not professional wrestling, reality show or any activity where the object is to inflict injury on the opponent). You must watch at least one quarter of the event (15 minutes or so), then complete a 3-paragraph essay. The 3-paragraph essay should include the following information in this order.

        1st  Facts - What was the activity (be sure to name the sport)? What teams or individuals participated? Where and when was the activity (be specific)? What was the score and who won?

        2nd   Summary of Plays - Write an explanation of the action. Select 3 or 4 plays and describe them from start to finish, completely and in detail. Do Not just give statistics!! e.g. My favorite play was when Pennington threw the ball to receiver, Mc Carens, who made a good off-balance catch on the sideline, then dove into the end zone holding the ball past the pylon while he fell out of bounds for the touchdown. The score was then 20 to 12.

        3rd   Analysis – Analyze the quality of play and write your opinion of the game (exciting, sloppy etc.). State how you liked it and why. Give examples. If you were the coach, what coaching suggestions would you give to either team to improve their play? What would you have them do at the next practice? Explain and give specific examples. e.g. If I were the Dolphins coach I would have the offensive line work on blocking because there were no holes opened for the running backs to run through and there was too much pressure from the other team. NOTE:“I wouldn’t change a thing” or “work on everything” or “fire everyone and hire a new team” ARE NOT ACCEPTABLE!!

This assignment will help you improve your skills of observation and analysis. A good athlete can do this instantaneously during a game and make corrections to win that game. You have 1 week.

This must fit on ONE side of ONE piece of paper!
(You have limited space, be clear & concise. This helps practice for FCAT writing responses)

HINTS:           Write in past tense          NO PICK UP GAMES
                       Write clearly, use blue or black ink or you may type it, no font over 14
                       Write out the date and numbers 1 – 20 (one, two, twenty, Oct. 3, 2012)
                       Don’t use symbols or codes (&, vs, TD, QB, b/c)
                       Indent paragraphs and capitalize proper names
                       Write in proper English sentence form, no street terms like
                                                                          (kicked butt, sucks)

The assignment is worth 10 points.



For a Printable copy click here       Notebook Instructions.pdf

Students are required to keep a notebook for Physical Education. The Notebook should be a duotang folder. It is to contain all materials issued by the teacher, like study guides, tests, homework and assignments. The notebook will be checked and graded periodically and must be kept in your locker. Notebooks must have a title page and table of contents with all appropriate information. The Notebook is worth 50 points.



                          Gr.  Per.
o                        Teacher
                          Roll #

Title Page - Decorate your Title Page however you like. There's a full sized sample on the General Info page. The Notebook should be a duotang folder in the following order: 

Title Page – You make it
Table of Contents – List all work (Copy from website or bulletin board)
PE Procedures – On General Info page (Complete & signed)
Grading System – On General Info page
ProceduresTest – Given within the first 2 weeks of class
Notebook Instructions – Click the Printable Copy above
PE Sport Homework Instructions – Click  printable copy above
Teen Newsletter Worksheet – Sample Blank Copy          
All Study Guides, Tests, & any other work in order of the
                                                                            Table of Contents
Homework– Completed HW in order by date

All work must be in clips, in book form, nothing in pockets will be graded. Points off for items incomplete, missing, out of order, backward or sloppy. Please spell PHYSICAL EDUCATION (& my name) correctly!   IF YOU ARE MISSING ANYTHING, CHECK "General Info" or SEE ME FOR REPLACEMENT COPIES! If you are missing a test or homework you must include a piece of notebook paper in the proper location with a complete explanation of what happened to the paper & the grade.


Extra Credit

Usually at least once during each quarter I will accept additional homework assignments for extra credit. Check the calendar for when they are due. You may do one of each of the Sport Homework and/or Newsletter Homework for extra credit. They will be worth 10 points each.

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